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Third-party assessors interested in this effort must create a Submittable account to view the application form, download, complete, and upload the following documents:

  • Project Narrative
  • At least two (2) sample assessment reports conducted since January 2021

Note: Reports that redact client name and readily identifying details are acceptable. 

If an assessment includes business sensitive, trade secrets, proprietary, or otherwise confidential information, it is furnished to the federal government (government) in confidence with the understanding that the information shall be used or disclosed only for evaluation of the application. Such information will be withheld from public disclosure to the extent permitted by law, including the Freedom of Information Act. Without assuming any liability for inadvertent disclosure, Department of Energy (DOE) will seek to limit disclosure of such information to its employees and to outside reviewers when necessary for merit review of the application or as otherwise authorized by law.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.